Translational Research and Applied Medicine (TRAM)
TRAM Core Lab Resources

TRAM lab (which is part of TASC - Translational Applications Service Center) provides technical assistance and support to obtain and analyze data from molecular, proteomic and genomic technologies. 

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Nano PictureSample Preparation

  • Clinical Specimen Processing:
    • blood processing (PBMC), tissue homogenization, fine needle aspirates (FNAs)
    • Protein, DNA and RNA isolation
    • Sample Preparation for FACS, immunofluorescence, microarray, sequencing, etc.
  • Methods and Assay Development

Data Collection

TRAM ResourcesSample Storage

  • -80°C monitored storage
  • Liquid nitrogen monitored storage
  • Cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen
  • -20°C or +4°C monitored storage

Tissue Culture Use

  • Flow hood and microscope use
  • Incubation/storing of cell culture plates in 37°C CO2 incubator

Laboratory Bench Space Use

Data Analysis and Consulting

For more information, please contact:
Joanna Liliental, PhD
Director, Translational Applications Service Center (TASC)
(650) 736-1285

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